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Wing span 52 inches - Length 32".
Also note the large Orange throat pouch & the two feathered crest.

The below and following photos were taken May 12th. 2003 where the red "X" is on the map.



The Cormorants are nesting and I found them.
These photos were taken from about 100 to 200 feet away from the nest, and across a body of water.


Howdy folks, ol'e "DC" here, Cormorant that is.

What's the DC stand for, well that stands for "Double-crested" because that's what I am, a Double-crested Cormorant.
Look at my head and you will see the two feathered crest, one on either side of my head.

Also you might notice my beautiful black web feet.


I'll tell the story if you don't mind.

NO, let me tell it.


I'll tell ya, those two are always arguing. I'll tell the story.


Every body want's to get into the act.
Ol'e "DC" will show you all of the photos and add a few lines here & there, that is, if you don't mind.


Before I get started let me show some thing.

Take a good look inside the mouth and at the eye.
See how Blue the inner mouth tissue is and the eye is the same color.


Now you can get a good look at my beautiful blue eye.
Ain't it a beaut?


In this area there are approximately 10 to 15 nest, give or take a few.
Not all are Cormorants either. Some are Green Herons, some are Great Egrets,
and who knows just who all is nesting in here.


The RED arrow is pointing to a Great Egret on a nest.


Things do some times get a bit confusing around here as you will see.


You can't believe a word this guy says.

Yes dear, I caught a fish this big to give to you but it got away.


I said, get it down here Bud and do your nest duties.

I wonder who she thinks she's talking to anyway?
Nest duties; there not for me.


Hey you two, stop it, or I'll come there and tend to the both of ya.


That's what happens when you we all live this close together.


OK, here I am, get off the nest so I start doing my nest duties.


And don't let me here you say I didn't do my part either.


Boy, I'll tell'ya. What a fellow has to go through just to raise a few chicks.


Since you were so nice, here's a big KISS good-by.

Actually the incoming bird on the right brought food to the bird on the nest.
What it was I don't know because it was regurgitated to the bird on the nest.


NO, you can't mess with my nest. Get back and find your own nest.


I'll let you imagine what these two are saying to each other.


I will return to this community in a few weeks to see what all has transpired.

Perhaps there will be a few hatchlings by then. I would guess with chicks in
these nest things will really get exciting.


More photos. May 20, 03

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